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PST has the strongest instructor-led application and technical training offerings in the Southeast. All of our courses are taught using a combination of instructor lecture, demonstration and hands-on activities and labs to engage and reinforce workplace applicability. PST’s consulting extends classroom learning to increasing efficiencies in the workplace. Our staff has the ability to assist in automating existing workflow, upgrading legacy systems, database and web site development, and integration. Let us save you time and money. PST facilitates workshops across the country for individuals and groups of any size. Customized interactive workshops and leadership programs for new or experienced supervisors, management and staff. We have over 300 workshops customizable for you.
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At PST, all VA educational resources can be utilized such as the Post 9/11 GI Bill (Chapter 33), VRAP, Montgomery GI Bill (Chapter 30) and Voc Rehab (Vet Success Chapter 31).

*The South Carolina Commission for Higher Education Approving Agency has approved Training Concepts for Veteran’s education and training (GI Bill) in Charleston, SC.